MBC is committed to align the world with sustainable development goals (SDGs) set out by 2030.

Information Sending

[Kagoshima-Jikan] and [Regularization of Disaster Prevention]

  1. Sending out information via [Kagoshima-Jikan] with the aim at sustaining the value arises from the local territory, 600 kilometers across its north to the south with various kinds of culture, social costume and life been cultivated from its abundant nature. 
  2. While regularization of disaster is in progress, we are making joint efforts with the local territory to send out information for the purpose of enhance local territory’s ability of disaster prevention and to reduce damage.
  3. Sending out information related to and cooperating with enterprises and groups that are committed to SDGs.


Aiming for a more promising future

  1. Starting out with [Umi to Nippon Project in Kagoshima], campaigns created under the purpose of raising awareness of environmental conservation such as [Kagoshima Disaster Prevention Project] have spread out.
  2. In dealing with tasks associated with delivering a society that enables living with vibrancy among all-age- group residents, we are striving to carry out events that activate the local territory.  


Being a member of the local territory

  1. We continue to make efforts to create a local society that enables every single person to come with much improved awareness of being a member within.
  2. We make efforts to energy conservation, such as in the areas of reduction of electricity consumption, progress of becoming a paperless society, as well as introduction of electric vehicles.    

October 19,2020

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SDGsとは、Sustainable Development Goals”の略で「持続可能な開発目標」と訳されるものです。


MBCテレビ『kagoshima SDGs 17colors』

MBCテレビ『kagoshima SDGs 17colors』